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Why should I go through InsureChampaign for my insurance needs?

InsureChampaign is an independent agency.  What this means for you is that we represent multiple top rated companies. This allows us to quote different companies and find you the best insurance package.  We do the insurance shopping for you.  Contact us today at 217-356-3111 so that you can see how InsureChampaign works for you.



How many insurance agencies do you know that are available 24/7

We like to have a personal connection with our customers.  That’s why the president of our agency’s home and cell phone numbers are readily available. Our experience and knowledge are exceptional. The average insurance experience of our staff is over 20 years.  We have an exceptional staff that truly cares and looks out for the best interest of our clients.  We work for you, not the insurance company.


How much auto insurance do I need?
​Auto Insurance laws vary by state. At InsureChampaign, we recommend taking a look at what is the right auto insurance coverage for you. Each of our policies is individualized to our client’s needs.  We are here to explain the coverage and make recommendations.   

Should I cancel my Roadside Service that I have with another company if I have it on my insurance policy? 
That is up to you.  We offer Roadside Service with every Auto Insurance Policy we write.  Our Roadside Service programs vary.  We offer the basic roadside service to cover tows, jump start, and lockout.  We also offer Roadside Assistance that extends to any resident relative in any vehicle they are in.  This coverage would provide you assistance even if you are a passenger in a friend’s vehicle and need a tow.  Most of our roadside assistance cover unlimited use (within reason) and once per event.  

Do you have payment plans?
​Yes, we have multiple payment plans available to pay your insurance.  Depending on the policy, we can put you on a monthly, monthly automatic withdraw, quarterly, semiannual, or annual pay plan.  You could be eligible for added discounts when paying by monthly automatic withdraw or annually.  

Do I get a discount for carrying my Auto Insurance and Home Insurance with the same Insurance Company?
Yes, we have discounts for Multi-Vehicle and Multi-Policy.  These discounts can be significant.  Contact our office at (217) 356-3111 to so that we can make sure you maximize your discounts. 

My Homeowners Coverage seems high, why is that? 
​Homeowners Insurance covers replacement cost coverage.  This is different than market value, purchase price, or tax assessor value. Replacement cost coverage is the amount it is going to cost to rebuild your home as the result of a covered loss.  

Many Insurance Companies have an inflationary index that applies to your home.  This is a general increase in the replacement cost of your home.  It is a good idea to speak with our Home and Auto Agent to update your Homeowners Insurance every few years.  

​If you make improvements to your home, you also need to contact our office.  This may be replacing the old kitchen cabinets and counters with high end cherry cabinetry and granite counters.  We also find that many clients purchase or build homes with unfinished basements. Sometime later, they finish their basement and do not mention this upgrade to us. These updates can affect the replacement cost on your home. Depending on the upgrades, we may need to update or change their Homeowners Insurance coverage

Do I have coverage that will put me in a hotel if I can’t live in my house due to a covered loss? 
​Additional living expenses are included in our Homeowners Insurance Policies.  Some insurance companies pay up to a certain amount of months while others pay up to a maximum dollar amount.  In the case where your house is inhabitable due to a covered loss, this coverage will pay for your extra costs incurred.  Loss of Use (additional living expenses) does not carry a deductible.

Doesn’t the Condo Association cover my condo? 
​If you own a condo, the condo association will cover a portion of you building.  You would need to speak with the association to verify how much of the building portion you are responsible for.  At minimum, you would be responsible for all alterations, improvements, and additions to your unit.  

​The condo association does not cover your personal property.  For only a few dollars a year, you can cover your personal property at replacement value along with the building portion you are responsible for. 

​A Condo Insurance Policy also has Personal Liability and Medical coverage that works comparable to a Homeowners Insurance Policy.  Similar to the Home Policy, many people opt to add a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy for broader protection.  

​Contact rachel@insurechampaign.net to discuss your Condo Insurance.

How much liability insurance do I need? 
This is a difficult question that nobody knows the answer to.  We are here to assess your needs and find the best liability coverage for you. You will have liability limits on yourAuto Insurance as well as your Home Insurance (or Condo, Renters).  But, what if the liability exceeds your current coverage?  A Personal Liability Umbrella can help you protect your assets and future earnings.  

​What if you were liable in an accident that the other party was significantly injured?  Do you have enough liability on your Auto Insurance to pay for their medical bills and loss of earnings?  What if a neighbor’s child was bit by your dog?  Is your Home, Condo, or Renters Insurance liability adequate coverage?  Once the liability limits are exhausted on your underlying insurance policy, your Personal Liability Umbrella Policy provides you with additional coverage.  The minimum Umbrella Policy is $1,000,000 with higher limits available.  

An Umbrella Policy covers some claims that your normal Auto Insurance and Home Insurance Policies do not cover.  Personal Liability Umbrella Policies also pay for your attorney costs, regardless of the outcome.  Please contact InsureChampaign today to find out how to protect yourself and your family.